Dirt Beauty

More Beauty Less Water

DIRT BEAUTY is a Landscape Design Company

We are located in Santa Monica, California. We specialize in redesigning gardens and landscapes by integrating the best of an existing garden with various new elements such as boulders that have great characters, river rocks, polished stones, beautiful walk-on bark, new sod, excellent quality artificial turf, etc.  We primarily plant a wonderful variety of drought tolerant plants, and suggest converting sprinklers to drip lines in order to not only save water, but to provide plants with a much more effective watering system. If installing new sod, we recommend sprinklers or drip lines.

We regularly repair, upgrade, and install irrigation. We create beautiful succulent designs for existing or new containers that are dramatic and stunning.

In 2014, I transitioned from a 30-year film career to designing, upgrading, and redesigning gardens. Five years later, I have completed over sixty projects which have included everything from huge piles of dirt transformed into a Agave garden, to Decomposed Granite patios, to installing several types of sod and turf, to many garden spaces that are now beautiful and thriving using very little water. I love to give new definition to existing spaces, and transform despairing clients into happy ones!.

DIRT BEAUTY allows me to create gardens that are sustainable, and do not have to become unkept and dying due to droughts or climate change. My landscaping experiences and evolving knowledge confirms we can live and work surrounded by gardens that have More Beauty Less Water!  

There seems to be a misunderstanding about drought tolerant plants. They need water and they need some maintenance! Once rooted, they do not need much!

We hope you will invite us to transform or simply upgrade you garden. We are confident our gardens will enchance your life and hopefully the value of your property.                    

Thank You.  Patricia Foulkrod