Dirt Beauty

More Beauty Less Water


DIRT BEAUTY is a landscape design company based in Santa Monica. 

We specialize in upgrading gardens and landscapes by integrating existing gardens with new plants, and various garden elements such as boulders, stones, sod, good artificial turf, etc.,  We are skilled garden stagers, creating maximum curbside appeal.  We use low water plants, and upgrade and repair irrigation.  We also create beautiful designs for existing containers or new containers that can create drama and warmth to enhance a garden..

In 2014, I transitioned from a 30-year film career to designing, upgrading, and redesigning gardens. I help new home owners make their gardens truly their own.  What I love to do most is give new definition to existing plants, and transform what we already have.

During my childhood, my family owned a flourishing floral business.  DIRT BEAUTY is the result of a passionate and sustainable vision, whike developing the necessary skills to create and nurture the diverse gardens of Southern California.  My landscaping experiences and evolving knowledge confirms we can live and work surrounded by More Beauty Less Water!  We can provide drought tolerant landscaping, sprinkler systems, new sod, quality artificial turf, pavers and boulders, lighting, etc. to create a reliable garden that  can easily be maintained.

We hope you will invite us to transform or simply upgrade you garden which will make you happy as you observe the inpermanence of nature.  We are confident our gardens will enchance your life and hopefully the value of your property.                    

Thank You.  Patricia Foulkrod