Dirt Beauty

More Beauty Less Water


DIRT BEAUTY is a landscape design business based in Santa Monica. 

We specialize in creating gardens from dirt, integrating succulents and low water plants into existing gardens, and sometimes using beautiful or repurposed pots for our designs.  In 2014, I transitioned from a 30-year film career to designing, upgrading, and redesigning gardens to use less water.  I started by creating succulent designs only using repurposed pots. 

During my childhood, my family owned a flourishing floral business, growing in our nurseries, plants and flowers.   DIRT BEAUTY is the result of a passionate and sustainable vision, and I have developed the necessary skills to create and nurture the diverse gardens we care for.  My landscaping experiences and evolving knowledge confirms we can live and work surrounded by More Beauty Less Water!  We can provide drought tolerant landscaping, sprinkler systems, new sod, new tiles, pavers, lighting, fencing, etc., whatever you need. 

The future of DIRT BEAUTY is a mobile nursery filled with plants and water retentive soil, delivering same day landscaping services.throughout Southern Los Angeles.   We hope you will invite us to come and bring back to life,  all your favorite but now empty pots...filling them with amazing succulents...                        creating incredible beauty by nightfall.

We are a simple company that loves to create sustainable beauty for people who appreciate and would love to have...More Beauty Less Water! 

Thank You.  Patricia Foulkrod